Our Mission

NAASF is the independent, representative voice of Subway® Franchisees, focusing on:

  • Providing solutions

  • Enhancing communications

  • Maximizing profits and value in your investment in Team Subway

The Benefits of Membership

Members of NAASF value the advocacy on their behalf, the product and service offerings.  Perhaps the biggest benefit of being part of NAASF is being an integral part of the Franchisee Community.  Share information and best practices with others, talk about topics and tell others about your experiences, right here.  This is the central communications hub of the Franchisee Community.


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What is NAASF?

We are a community of Subway(r) franchisees.  This large association of restaurant owners values the ability to communicate and share information:  through our community forum, our virtual and live town hall meetings, our educational webinars, and much more!  We communicate we advocate for the needs of the small business owner, and we seek to share news and information within Team NAASF so that Subway Restaurant owners can enjoy success as they offer an incredible customer experience in their shops each day.

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