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        Representation on your behalf:  NAASF sends a liaison to NAFAF and IPC Board meetings a few times each year.  Prior to these meetings, NAASF polls the Membership for input and feedback on current issues and asks for topics that need to be addressed.  We bring these issues up to the other boards for discussion and report back to you, the Membership.  In addition, both IPC and FAF send representatives to attend the NAASF Board meetings, creating synergies and efficiencies in communication. 

        NAASF also represents the franchisee community at various other meetings, hosted by FWH.  We participate in discussions on current and relevant issues that affect the system and provide input from the franchisee community so that your voice is heard.

        Members enjoy the robust NAASF web site and the real-time Franchisee Discussion Forum that is offered to Members.  Information is shared on the site, solutions are offered to challenging situations, and much more.  The Forum is your one-stop-shopping place to interact with franchisees all over North America to gain best practices and share helpful information.

        NAASF advocates for Subway® franchisees, speaking as one, unified voice, in a variety of ways outside of these meetings. If an issue arises that affects Subway® franchisees that would benefit from NAASF representation to another group (e.g., the company, or another family within Subway®), we're here for you. Talk to us--tell us what's on your mind. We want to know what works well for you and what doesn't, so that when we are asked to provide input on behalf of all Subway® franchisees, our response is beneficial to as great a number of franchisees as possible.

        Our partners offer a variety of products and services to Members, including discounts that are exclusive to NAASF Members in some cases.  Eligible members can also take advantage of programs such as NAASF Health and offer it to their crew members.  We vet all of our partners and only offer the very best to our membership.

        As a NAASF Supporting Member, you are also invited to attend and participate in all NAASF-sponsored meetings and events. Members are able to register at a lower rate than non-members and receive first-hand information on all meetings and events. These conferences and forums are a great opportunity to gain knowledge from the various presentations that are made, but also to keep in touch with your peers and exchange ideas, solutions, and thoughts.

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