The NAASF Board

NAASF is governed by an 11-member Board of Directors. Board members represent each of the 4 U.S. regions (Northeast, South, Midwest and West), and 1 member represents Canada.

Board Members, who are elected to rolling 2-year terms, have multiple responsibilities, including:

  • Serve on at least one subcommittee and participate in that committee's activities,
  • Attend NAASF Board meetings and events (typically, there are four board meetings each year),
  • Actively seek input from Franchisees in their respective regions by attending meetings, contacting them on a regular basis and soliciting input,
  • Represent the opinions of the Franchisees that are relevant to NAASF and the Subway® brand,
  • Provide input and direction to the NAASF staff on pertinent issues.


Nayanika Barker, Chair (West Region)

Mike Bauer, Sergeant-at-Arms, (Midwest Region)

Patrick Buckley (Midwest Region)

Tom Chapman, Treasurer (South Region)

Paul Deol (West Region)

Robert Harper (Canada)

Rajiv Kumar (Northeast Region)

Debra Odom (Appointed Member)

Sheetal Patel Secretary, (Northeast Region)

Kapil Taneja (Appointed Member)

Steve Workman, Vice Chair 

Illya Berecz, Executive Director (Northeast Region)